I’m Mel!

I’m so happy to welcome you to my corner of the internet. Here at The Quilting Room there are just a few rules you need to follow. There are no quilting police, you make your quilts the way you want to and if you are happy with the results so are we. Everyone is welcome in my quilting room and last but not least enjoy your sewing machines the way you want to.

You might find me having a dance party while I’m ironing fabric. I love music and you never know what might be playing in my ears it’s not unusual to hear Johnny Cash and Green Day in the same playlist.

My Favs

Fav TV Show

Hart of Dixie

Fav Biz to support

Any local quilt shop

I start my day off with a good cup of coffee and sometimes end it with a good bourbon. My childhood heroes were Chet Atkins, Crystal Gale, and Willie Nelson. I played guitar for years and miss it. I once had hair to my knees but never my ankles and Texas Outlaw music is still a favorite of mine. A good steak or a bowl of pasta are some of my favorite things to eat. I have a bit of a sweet tooth but not overly sweet. Since Paul has Celiac disease that’s all gluten-free, which is hard for a Kansas girl.

Paul and I live in a tiny map dot in Kansas with our three cats. They make appearances on social media, OK they are the stars. I’m most comfortable in a T-shirt, Wrangler jeans, and either boots or Hey Dudes! Our cats are named with a sewing theme. Vittorio is our gray tabby named after the founder of Necchi Sewing Machine Company. Elias is our flamepoint named after Elias Howe to the inventor of the lock-stitch sewing machine. Merritt our orange boy is named after the Singer Merritt sewing machine. Our newest addition Mira, the little girl tortoise, is named after the Necchi Mira.