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I can’t wait to share my favorite quilting tips and patterns with you!

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Meet the author

Welcome! I’m Mel!

I’m so happy to welcome you to my corner of the internet. Here at The Quilting Room there are just a few rules you need to follow. There are no quilting police, you make your quilts the way you want to and if you are happy with the results so are we. Everyone is welcome in my quilting room and last but not least enjoy your sewing machines the way you want to.

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Quilt Patterns

If you are going to make a quilt you are going to need a pattern. We’ve got you covered!

Just getting started in quilting? Download our getting started guide!

It can be overwhelming when you first start quilting. Our guide will help you figure out what you need now, what you can put off buying, and what all those acronyms mean.

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Sewing machine help

No matter if you are working on your first sewing machine or your 100th we have the guides you need to figure out what is wrong. Looking for a new sewing machine? We have recommendations for those too.

Beginners Guide To Sewing Machine Repair

See my one room challenges