Twenty Gifts for Quilters Under $20

I can’t believe that it is time to start thinking about holiday gifts but we are only a few months away from December and it’s much easier to budget and shop when you know what you want to buy. Let’s face it too, quilters aren’t always the easiest to buy for because we just go get what we want most of the time but we all have a quilter that we need to get a gift. I’ve got twenty gifts for quilters under $20 in this post, but if you want more gift ideas, check out my ultimate gift guide for quilters.

These gifts are perfect for gift exchanges at guild meetings, stocking stuffers, or even just a thank-you for being a friend gift. Twenty dollars doesn’t go as far as it did when I originally did this post back in 2016 but there are still so great gifts on the market for quilters. Ready to see what I think the best twenty gifts for quilters under $20 are? Let’s go!!!

Tools, Notions, and Gadgets
We all love tools that make our quilting life easier! There are so many great tools, notions, and gadgets on the market today that I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites.

Cake and Cupcake Mixes
They aren’t to make actual cakes and cupcakes. They are papers designed to be used with pre-cut fabrics to make a variety of blocks. Cupcakes are for 5″ squares and cake mixes are for 10″ squares.

Aurifil Thread Club
Fat Quarter Shop has a thread club, each month they send 4 spools of Aurifil Thread. Each spool is 220 yards and it’s about $19 a month so it comes in just under our $20 threshold. I love Aurifil thread and so do a lot of other quilters. This would be a great way to keep gifts on hand if you keep the subscription coming each month for a year.

Foolproof Color Workbook
This is a great workbook to learn color theory or to play with color layouts. It’s currently on sale for $10.47 but normally runs $14.95. I have this workbook and I love it. It has allowed me to safely play with color to see if a color combo will work together.

Olfa Rotary Cutter
I would be thrilled to get another rotary cutter in a stocking or gift exchange. Can we honestly have too many rotary cutters? I have a couple on this list because I don’t necessarily want to take my really good rotary cutter to retreats or classes in case I forget it or someone else picks it up by mistake.

Kai Rotary Cutter
Kai makes knives as well. Paul has a set from his days of being a butcher, they look like great knives. I say they look nice because I’m not allowed to touch them. Honestly, they aren’t daily kitchen knives, they are made for cutting up a cow not for chopping up onions but they slice a mean rib eye.

BladeSaver Thread Cutter
These are a great way to get some more life out of your rotary blades plus if you are a chain piecer these thread cutters really make cutting the chains apart a breeze. No more hand cramps from using the thread nippers!

Bohin Marking Pencil
I love my Bohin Pencil! It’s great for marking on dark fabrics and they last forever, if you don’t press really hard. The downside to them is it is cheaper to buy a new pencil set than it is to buy more lead.

Diagonal Seam Tape
If you know someone who hates to draw diagonal lines on the back of their fabric and they don’t want to make their own guide you can buy them tape that already has the lines on it.

Macaron Stay Sharp
Remember the strawberry that used to be on your tomato pincushion? The one grandma said our hand needles and pins should go through every so often to keep them sharp and clean. This is that but in the shape of a macaron cookie that hopefully won’t get lost as easily as the strawberries.

Stash N Store
No list of gifts for quilters would be complete without my absolute favorite do-dad I’ve ever purchased for under $20. These Stash N Stores are my favorite to store pens in. I also have one for my vintage thread snips, yes I have a problem. I have several of these and some of them are at work too.

Creative Spark Class
C&T Publishing has worked with their trusted authors to create video lessons. There is a great selection of quilting classes for less than $20 and who doesn’t love learning something new?

Quilt Builder Card Deck
These are fun! There’s 40 quilt blocks and 8 different layouts included giving you almost unlimited possibilities for new quilts.

Quilt Themed Gifts
If you need a gift for a quilty gift exchange you might want to get a quilt-themed gift. I have even purchased a few of these for Paul because there aren’t any notions or gadgets that he doesn’t have. Sometimes us quilters buy all the new toys so there isn’t any to buy us.
Bonnie Hunter Playing Cards
These are so fun for quilters who also play cards. These cards feature Bonnie’s quilts and are affordable at just $6.95 a deck.

Quilting Gnome T-Shirt
I love fun t-shirts. These gnomes sewing are sew cute! See what I did there? Plus, don’t we all need another holiday shirt?

Quilty Password Keeper
I got one of these for Paul a couple of years ago and he loves it. He has a ton of passwords for work that he has to keep track of and in a shop full of guys not too many are going to grab a quilt book by mistake. He’s also a huge Bonnie Hunter fan so it was a win-win for me.

By The Yard Calendar
I love the By The Yard comics, they make me giggle. A calendar full of them would make any quilter giggle too.

Sewing Machine Necklace
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I do love my sewing machine necklace. It’s just a nice way to keep a sewing machine with me all the time.

Sassy Iron-On Quilt Labels
These are funny and I was sold when I saw “Add more drama to family gatherings”. I cackled. We all have a quilty friend who would put a label that said “If I charged by the hour you wouldn’t be able to afford this” on their quilt. I’m that friend.

Quilters of the Door
This is the first book in the series set in Door County Wisconsin. These books remind me of a Halmark channel movie but in book form. They are fun PG rated romance novels with a quilting theme.

Singer Sewing Machine Patent Print
This is so cool!! This is perfect for a sewing machine loving friend. I already have one on its way to me.

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