Twenty Great Gifts for Quilters Under $20

Sometimes we need a small gift for a neighbor, a guild gift exchange, or just to say “I’ve been thinking about you.” These gifts for quilters won’t break the bank but are something any quilter in your life will enjoy. I might have sent this blog post to my family so they know what to buy for me and a few I just went ahead and ordered because I couldn’t wait.

20 gifts for quilters for $20 or less

Twenty dollars doesn’t go as far as it did when I originally did this post back in 2016 but there are still so great gifts on the market for quilters. Ready to see what I think the best twenty gifts for quilters under $20 are? Let’s go!!!

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Tools, Notions, and Gadgets Gifts For Quilters

We all love tools that make our quilting life easier! There are so many great tools, notions, and gadgets on the market today that I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites.

Cake and Cupcake Mixes

Cake Mix Recipe paper piecing

They aren’t to make actual cakes and cupcakes. They are paper piecing kits designed to be used with pre-cut fabrics to make a variety of blocks. Cupcakes are for 5″ squares and cake mixes are for 10″ squares.

Aurifil Thread Club

Aurifil thread club from Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop has a thread club, each month they send 4 spools of Aurifil Thread. Each spool is 220 yards and it’s about $19 a month so it comes in just under our $20 threshold. I love Aurifil thread and so do a lot of other quilters. This would be a great way to keep gifts on hand if you keep the subscription coming each month for a year. It’s also my gift to myself each month because we all deserve to get a little happy mail.

Foolproof Color Workbook

Foolproof color workbook from C&T Publishing

This is a great workbook to learn color theory or to play with color layouts. The Foolproof Color Workbook will help inspire confidence in new color combos. Is there a better gift for quilters than giving them confidence in something new? I don’t think so! I talk about this book and the color-wheel in my Ultimate Quilt Color Theory Guide.

Olfa Rotary Cutter

Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter a great gift for quilters

I know some of you are giving me the side eye right now because I normally recommend the Quilter’s Select rotary cutter. The Olfa rotary cutter is a good cutter and it’s under $20. This is the perfect cutter to take to classes, retreats, or use for non-fabric. I keep one next to my Cricut to cut vinyl.

Quilter’s Journal

The Quilting Journal by Sew Emma

This quilting journal has room for 50 projects!! It’s a great way to stay organized or get organized. Maybe buy 2, one for your friend and one for yourself! It also have room for wishlists, perfect for writing down your dream gifts from our ultimate gift guide.

BladeSaver Thread Cutter

Blade saver thread cutter

These BladeSaver Thread Cutters are a great way to get some more life out of your rotary blades and if you are a chain piecer these thread cutters really make cutting the chains apart a breeze. No more hand cramps from using the thread nippers! I honestly don’t know what I did before theses.

Bohin Marking Pencil

Bohin marking pencils

I love my Bohin Pencil! It’s great for marking on dark fabrics and they last forever if you don’t press really hard. The downside to them is it is cheaper to buy a new pencil set than it is to buy more lead.

Quilter’s Select Ruler Handle

QS Select Ruler Handle

These Select Ruler Handles are so great. They help you hold your ruler in place and move it without needing a lot of pressure. These can help quilters who don’t have the strength in their hands that they used to have. In my opinion, there’s no better gift than something that helps you keep going with your hobby when nature says it’s time to slow down.

Macaron Stay Sharp

Macron stay sharm

Remember the strawberry that used to be on your tomato pincushion? The one grandma said our hand needles and pins should go through every so often to keep them sharp and clean. This is that but in the shape of a macaron cookie that hopefully won’t get lost as easily as the strawberries.

Bitty Buddy

BittyBuddy from Fat Quarter Shop

The Bitty Buddy is an exclusive from my friends at Fat Quarter Shop. These are great in your class kit since it is fully collapsible it takes up little space and it helps keep your sewing area neat and clean.

Metal Bobbin Holder

Brabobbin metal bobbin holder

Since the majority of my vintage sewing machines use metal bobbins this Grabobbin bobbin holder is perfect to keep them all together. We have several tucked-in various tables. Paul even uses one for his shuttle bobbins.

Wool Mat Cleaning Tool

wool pressing mat cleaning tool

My cats like to lay on my wool pressing mat and they leave their fur behind. The amount of kitty hair I pulled out with this wool mat cleaning tool was mind-blowing. Even if you don’t have kitty overlords this is a great tool to have on hand to remove threads.

Quilting Gloves

Machine Quilting Gloves

If you know someone who quilts their own quilts on their domestic sewing machine and they don’t have gloves you will instantly become their favorite person if you get them these. Quilting gloves help you grip the quilt better and reduce fatigue in your hands. They are a game changers!

Quilt Themed Gifts

If you need a gift for a quilty gift exchange you might want to get a quilt-themed gift. I have even purchased a few of these for Paul because there aren’t any notions or gadgets that he doesn’t have. Sometimes we quilters buy all the new toys so there isn’t any to buy us.

Zipper Charms

Sewing themed zipper charms, thread snips and sewing machine

I love little things that remind me of my happy place no matter where I am and these zipper charms are just the ticket. There are different options but of course I had to share the sewing machine one.

Sewing T-Shirt

sewing themed t-shirt a great gift for quilters

I love fun t-shirts. This sewing themed dandelion t-shirt is so adorable. When you blow a dandelion you are making a wish and who doesn’t wish for more time with their sewing machine?

American Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m not a big jigsaw puzzle person but I know a lot of people are and this one is cute! It’s called An American Quilt. It’s 34″ x 27″ and has 600 pieces. I just don’t have the patience to sit and put a puzzle together, I know, I’m a quilter but I use all my patience on fabric.

Wooden Sewing Machine Welcome Sign

Wooden welcome sign with handcrank sewing machine

This hangs on the door of my quilting room. It’s lightweight but not flimsy and it would be a wonderful welcome sign on your front door. I tied a ribbon through the hole on mine and use that to hang it.

Sewing Notions Socks

sewing notions themed socks

We have wacky socks days often at work and while I don’t think these are wacky they let me share my love of sewing with my co-workers. They have other sewing-themed socks too! I’m considering adding the wound tight ones to my collection.

Tape Measure Bracelet

Tape measure bracelet

I love the color of this bracelet, it is truly one of my favorite colors in the world. Making it look like a measuring tape just is too good to be true. They also have the tape measuring bracelet in black, yellow, and white.

Elm Creek Quilters

the quilter's apprentice book

The Quilter’s Apprentice is the first book in the Elm Creek Quilters series. This is a fabulous series of 22 books. I’ve read them all several times. I will warn you that you need tissues after a few books they become your friends and you will feel their pain as well.

Need the perfect gift for a quilter without breaking the bank? We've got you covered. From Aurifil thread clubs to personalized quilting journals, our list of 20 remarkable quilting gifts under $20 will certainly make the receiver's day. Because nothing says 'I appreciate you' more than a thoughtful, handpicked gift!

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