Ultimate Quilter’s Gift Guide

Quilters can be hard to shop for, we lack patience and just buy what we want when our budget allows. Quilters’ gifts can range from fabric-cutting tools all the way to long-arm quilting machines. So whether you are a quilter or someone who is shopping for your favorite quilter you will find the perfect gift to ask for or buy.

Looking for the perfect quilters' gift? We've got you covered!

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If you are looking for stocking stuffers or small gifts you’ll want to check out our Gifts For Quilter $20. Most gift guides are broken down by price but I’m breaking this gift guide down by category. You’ve probably heard your favorite quilter talk about things in broad terms or categories.

Most of these gift ideas are bigger ticket items that quilters normally won’t go out and buy themselves. While we love our craft of quilting we tend to be a frugal group and won’t “splurge” on ourselves. Some of these gifts might need to be a group gift, maybe all the kids go together to buy them.

Fabric Cutting

Every quilter has their preferred method of cutting fabric and it all boils down to what kind of quilts we like to make. Some use rulers and some use templates and then dream about machines that would make cutting even easier.


I can’t recommend Quilter’s Select Rulers any higher. These rulers are game changers. They have a non-slip coating on the back that sticks to the fabric so the ruler doesn’t slip and slide. They are more expensive than typical quilt rulers and most quilters aren’t going to replace their “perfectly good rulers” with new ones just because they want these other rulers.

Quilters Select rulers, great rulers with anti-slip coating.

If the quilter does a lot of strip quilts there is a ruler for cutting fabric strips. The Creative Grids Stripology Ruler makes cutting strips a breeze. It also has a built anti-slip texture.

Stripology ruler by Creative Grids, a great gift for the quilter who has everything

Template As Quilters Gifts

You might need to do a little detective work about which templates your quilter already owns.

If they like to make bags they need the box bag template. This is a fairly new template on the market. It’s not just for bags either! You can use it to make bowl cozies and cell phone stands too. There are patterns at the bottom of the template sales page so you can grab a couple of patterns as well.

Boxed Bag Template by Carolina Moore

I can’t live without my Tri-Recs template. I use it all the time. There are a few other manufacturers but Wrights/EZ Quilting is the standard and other brands might not work as well.

Tri Recs quilt template

Another template set that I can’t live without is the Quilt in a Day fussy-cut template set. I use these for more than just fussy cutting they are great for squaring up hourglass units.

Quilt in a day fussy cut template set, a great quilters gift.

If the quilter in your life loves EPP, English paper piecing, the papers that they use are a great gift. The average EPP project has 100s of pieces so the packages of papers add up quickly. I’ve seen a lot of EPP quilters ask for the papers, you would be a hero if you gave them a box of papers.

EPP Iron-On papers

Fabric Die Cutting

If the quilter in your life has mentioned that using a rotary cutter is getting harder a die-cutting machine is a great option to help them keep quilting. I love my Accuquilt, not because I’m having issues with a rotary cutter, but because it makes cutting fabric so much quicker. Accuquilt makes dies for cutting strips, cutting specific blocks, and applique too. Remember the EPP that I was talking about earlier? You can get hexagon dies too! The versatility of the Accuquilt makes it one of the best quilters gifts you can buy.

Cutting Machine

The Cricut Maker is a great gift for someone who appliques or does EPP. Remember I said those papers are expensive earlier? You can cut your own papers and your fabric with the Maker. You can also cut numerous shapes, anything that can be cut out of vinyl can be cut out of fabric. I recommend the Cricut Maker because it has a rotary cutter so you don’t have to do anything to the fabric to be able to cut it.

Cricut maker for quilting

Fabric For Quilters Gifts

Fabric is expensive, there’s no way around it. I can hear some of you saying, “My quilter has tubs of fabric they don’t need anymore.” You are right they don’t NEED any more but they probably want some more fabric.

If you aren’t comfortable buying fabric a big gift card to their favorite quilt shop will make them very happy. The average quilt takes about 10 yards of fabric and fabric today runs on average $13.50 a yard.

Know what kind of fabric they typically buy? A subscription to a fabric club is a great gift. If the quilter in your life talks a lot about jelly rolls and layer cakes but there are never any of either in the kitchen to munch on, they are talking about precut fabrics. One of the precut subscriptions would be a welcome gift for them.

Know your quilter’s favorite fabric designer? Props for paying that close attention to what the quilter in your life is talking about and buying. I don’t think my husband, who quilts as well, has any clue who I gravitate towards, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you his either. A fat quarter bundle, half-yard bundle, or full-yard bundle would make their day.

Sewing Machine

If you are thinking about giving the quilter in your life a new sewing machine I have a dedicated post for the best sewing machines.

Quilting Machine
If your quilter doesn’t already have a quilting machine they probably want one. I don’t know many quilters who don’t want to be able to finish their quilts. If you ask they will tell you what they want and if they don’t give you enough information you can ask their spouse or do a little measuring to fill in the gaps.

I’ve done my best to keep my opinions out of the machine information. All of the machines are from great companies that have been in the quilting industry for years. Opinions are formed from what you like, want, and need, and my likes, wants, and needs should not play into your decisions because they might not align with what your quilter likes, wants, and needs. You are shopping for your quilter not me unless you want to buy me a quilting machine and in that case, just shoot me an email and I’ll send you the links to what I want. lol

All the machines listed are sold through my trusted partners. I know they will stand behind what they sell. They often have sales as well so the pricing might be different because I have listed the full retail price at the time this post was written.
Sit-Down Quilting Machines
These work similarly to how you quilt on your sewing machine. You move the fabric vs moving the machine. They typically take up less space than standing machines. I’ve put them in order based on price.
King Quilter ® ll Sit Down with Quilt Vision Stitch Regulation Table
$5,995.00 base price
$7,362.19 fully loaded

The table that it sits in is adjustable from 25.5″ to 39.5″ in height and is 36″ wide x 32″ deep so it doesn’t have a huge footprint. It also has stitch regulation built-in and allows for unregulated stitching as well. It has a separate bobbin winder, basting stitch mode, and can be converted to a standing machine if the quilter changes their mind.

Baby Lock Regent Long Arm Quilting Machine
$6,399.00 base price
$7,139.00 fully loaded without the sewing mat

The table that the machine sits in is 36″ x 31-3/4″ with adjustable height settings from 26.6″ x 39.6″ so it’s in the same size category as the King Quilter above. It also has built-in stitch regulation and a low bobbin warning. Trust me that low bobbin warning is a great feature, quilting with air is never good. It also has a separate bobbin winder, basting mode, and a ruler 1/4″ foot.

Handi Quilter Capri 18 with HQ InSight Stitch Regulation Table
$8,395.00 base price
$8,882.90 fully loaded with one extension, a second extension is available

The Handi Quilter comes in a table the same size as the King Quilter including the same height adjustments. It has built-in stitch regulation and low bobbin warning as well. It also comes with 20 needles and a thread pack. It can also be upgraded to a standing machine in the future. It also has a ruler foot and an open-toe foot.

Standing Quilting Machine
This is what is traditionally thought of as a quilting machine so there are more options available. These typically take up more room than the standing machines and you move the machine, not the fabric. For some of us quilters, this works better with our brains because it is like drawing, the needle is the pen.

Some direct links do not include a frame, it’s an optional add-on. You will need a frame though so the prices listed have the frame added be sure to select the frame option when you check out.

Some of the machines can have robotics added on. I know very little about robotics since I’ve never used a machine with them. The links do have a description of the robotics to explain them better but I certainly would ask the question, “On your dream machine do you want it to quilt for you?”. Robotics is expensive and if your quilter is like me they want to do the work. That’s not to discredit those who do want robotics we all want to approach our quilting in our way and both ways are valid. It’s also valid to only want to quilt by credit card.

Grace Q’nique 15 Pro Midarm Quilting Machine
$4,489.00 Machine and Q-Zone Hoop Frame
$6,688 Machine and 8-foot Frame or 10-foot frame or 12-foot frame

The Q’nique 15 Pro has built-in stitch regulation, 4 stitch modes including baste, and a full-color touch screen. The Q’nique 15 Pro has 15″ of throat space.

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Hoop frame is 54″ wide and adjustable in depth and height. Depth is 37″ – 42″ and height 32″ – 42″. The frame has leveling feet so that the frame remains level. The hoop frame is similar to a hand quilting frame instead of using poles to wrap the quilt sandwich around.

Baby Lock Gallant 15 Inch Longarm Quilting Machine
$4,999.00 machine and 8-foot frame

The Baby Lock Gallant has built-in stitch regulation and comes with a ruler foot and open-toe foot. It also has a full-color display and 15″ of throat space.

The 8-foot frame is 96″ wide with ratcheting poles. It has an adjustable height.

You can add Pro-Sticher to the Baby Lock Gallant. This robotics package will cost you $5,495.00.

King Quilter ® II Long Arm Quilting Machine
$5,999.00 Machine with 10-foot or 12-foot frame

The King Quilter II has built-in stitch regulation but it doesn’t have baste mode. This machine has 18″ of throat space. It has a 4.3″ color touchscreen.

The King Quilter II has a lot of upgrades available. You can upgrade the touchscreen to 7″ for an additional $1,399.00, a laser kit can be added for $89.95, and add rear handles for an additional $499.95. You can also purchase robotics for this machine. The Butler System is $3,999 – $6,629.15 depending on which version you pick and the HQ Pro-Stitcher is $11,995.00

Grace Q’Nique 19X Elite Longarm Quilting Machine
This machine has lots of options available so I linked to the main product page so you can pick the package that works best for you.

$7,699.00 machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame, Q-Zone Queen Frame, or Hoop Pro Frame
$8,335.60 machine with same frame options above with bonus package
$8,488.00 machine with 8-foot, 10-foot, or 12-foot Continuum Frame
$9,124.60 machine with same frame options above with bonus package

Let’s start with the machine, the Grace Q’Nique 19x Elite machine has extendable handles, two thread masts so you can can quilt and wind a bobbin at the same time, edge and overspeed warnings, built-in stitch regulation including baste, and a 7″ touch screen.

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame is the same as the one listed above. The Q-Zone Queen Frame is a two-rail system that uses clips to hold the quilt sandwich to the frame. It is convertible from crib size to queen size. The Hoop Pro frame is an upgraded version of the Q-Zone Hoop frame with cloth leaders and a dual track. The Continuum frame uses a rail system to hold the quilt sandwich with a rachet system to advance the quilt.

The bonus pack has 3 extra feet, 9 piece foot attachment set, a ruler base, 3 rulers, extra bobbins, and extra needles.

Janome Quilt Maker 18
$7,999.00 machine with an 8-foot frame

The Janome Quilt Maker 18 has 18″ throat space. Digital tension, an LCD screen, timers, and a separate bobbin winder. It has built-in stitch regulation as well. The frame is adjustable in height too.

Juki J-350QVP Miyabi Machine
$8,999.00 with a 5-foot frame
$9,299.00 with a 7-foot frame
$9,999.00 with a 10-foot frame

The Juki J-350QVP machine has 18″ of throat space. It has built-in stitch regulation including baste and it has a built-in laser. It also has built-in thread cutting, adjustable handlebars, and bobbin estimation.

Grace Q’Nique 21X Elite Longarm Quilting Machine
Until 10/31 the Continuum frame is included with the purchase.

$8,499.00 Machine and frame

Like other Grace Q’Nique machines, the 21X Elite has a lot of different add-ons available. There are two options for robotics, basic for $3,499 or pro for – $5.249. You can also add an idler rail for $299.95 and or a batting rail for $249.95. The ruler base will run you $149.95 and the laser guide will cost you $139.95. The rear handlebars are $499.95. There are also some feet options the 9-piece option is $189.95 and the 4-piece ruler set is $119.95.

Now let’s get to the features of this machine! The Grace Q’Nique 21X Elite has a magnifier to help thread the needle! It also has a 7″ LCD screen, edge warning, and speed warning. The foot can be rotated giving you a better view of the needle. It also has adjustable handles, bobbin estimation, and the ability to wind a bobbin while quilting.


Many of the big ticket items will be going on sale throughout the holiday season and beyond. I don’t always get a huge heads up about sales but I will let you know when I know things are going on sale. Just head over here to subscribe to the Gift Guide Newsletter.

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