Large No Y-Seam Eight-Point Star Quilt Block

My mom’s “signature quilt pattern” was an eight-point star. Usually, it was a Lone Star or Broken Lone Star quilt, which is one huge block for the entire quilt. The problem is I absolutely hate Y-seams. I wanted to make an 8 point star with no y-seams and make it BIG so I did. This quilt block finishes at 17 inches.

No Y-Seam 8 point star

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This quilt block was a collaboration with QT Fabrics. They were kind enough to send me over the fabric for this no-y-seam eight-point star quilt block. I love the Patchwork Farms fabric. The fabrics I used for the star reminded me of the handkerchiefs that my dad always carried in his back pocket. His handkerchiefs were usually navy blue though. Unfortunately, this block is only available in this size, Squash House Quilts had a smaller version but they have gone private.

Fabric Suggestions For No Y-Seam 8 Point Star Quilt Block

The original fabrics are no longer available. Since fabrics come and go so quickly I am suggesting Basics but as long as you have contrasting colors for the blades and a neutral fabric for the background you are good.
QT Fabrics Color Dance
QT Fabrics Dots & Stripes
Northcott Bliss Basics
Northcott Midas Touch
Ruby Star Zip
Moda Grunge

The digital mock-ups in both patterns available below use QT Fabrics BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

Why It’s a No Waste Method

This method may look wasteful on the surface but it isn’t. Each time you make a no y-seam eight-point star quilt block you are actually making 3 quilt blocks at once. You will get 1 eight-point star quilt block, 1 mini pinwheel quilt block, and 8 half-square triangles.

How To Make The No Y-Seam Eight-Point Star Quilt Block

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