No Y-Seam LeMoyne Star


The ever popular LeMoyne star quilt block without the y-seam.



With the No Y-Seam LeMoyne Star Quilt, you can create an 8 point star quilt with no difficult y-seams in minutes! Try it today and add a special touch to your quilt. Incorporate this 8 point star into your designs with ease – and all with no time-consuming y-seams.

This is a PDF quilt pattern for an 18″ quilt block.  The pattern includes full-color diagrams and instructions on how to make the star block and the bonus blocks.  Using the bonus blocks makes this a no-waste technique.  The fabric requirements are based on 43″ wide fabric.

This quilt block looks best using a triadic color way.  You can learn more about quilt color schemes here.

The tips pdf contains the password for the dedicated page for this pattern.  The page has a long-form private video of the pattern.  As well as, project ideas for not just the no y-seam LeMoyne star block but the bonus blocks too.  You can scan the QR code on the front of the pattern to get to the dedicated page.