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One of the things I get asked about the most is where I find various items. Below you will find some of my favorite things. These are affiliate links so I do make a small commission on the purchases. Thank you for your support.


Keeping yourself organized will make your quilting life so much easier. I use the comic boards to wrap fabric around for easy storage. I keep the basket by my cutting mat to drop scraps in to sort when I’m done. The storage bags are great to keep project pieces together and the sticky notes to label everything.

Comic Boards for Fabric
Basket to drop scraps in while cutting
Storage Bags For Projects
Sticky Notes to Mark Fabric Bundles
My Favorite Pens

Favorite Amazon Buys

Just a few of my favorite things I’ve recently purchased.

Flavoring For My Water
Charging Cable For different Devices
Portable Power Supply
My Favorite Bath Towels
Coffee Thermos

Some of my favs

I don’t know what I would do without my Cricut and Accuquilt. Premier Stitching, Sewing Parts Online, and Sewing Machines Plus are my favorite places to get new machines and parts for my vintage sewing machine herd. Plus a few of my favorite online shopping spots.

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What Plays While I’m Sewing

Paramount+ has some of my favorite shows “to watch” while sewing. The Good Wife, Young & Restless, and Bold & Beautiful are my go-tos.

Quilt Design Software

A great beginner software for quilt design.

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