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How To Make A Pinwheel Quilt Block

The pinwheel quilt block is a versatile block. It’s quick to make and every color scheme makes it look different each time. There are also many variations to the pinwheel quilt block so you’ll never get bored making this quilt block. So let’s get started!!

Pinwheel quilt blocks as a pillow

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What Is A Pinwheel Quilt Block?

Before we make one we should probably know what one is right? The pinwheel block is simply four half-square triangles put together. That makes them a pre-cut fabric-friendly quilt pattern and if you use pre-cut fabric it will make the blocks come together even quicker. It’s one of my favorite quilt blocks!

How Do I Make A Pinwheel Quilt Block?

As I said before a pinwheel block is just four half-square triangles so our first step is to make them. The method of making half-square triangles is up to you, you can make them two at a time, don’t forget to check out our tutorial on making them without drawing a line. You can also do them eight at a time too! If you opt to make your half-square triangles two at a time you will need 2 sets for each pinwheel block and if you make them eight at a time you’ll get two pinwheel blocks. You can also use an Accuquilt die to cut your half square triangles.

What size will my quilt block be?

Your block size will depend on how big you make your half-square triangles. Typically you add 7/8 – 1-inch for your starting square, i.e. 5″ square equals a 4″ half-square triangle. If you are using 4″ half-square triangles your pinwheel will be a 7 1/2 inch square before it’s in your quilt and 7 inches once it is sewn into your project. You can use the chart below to help you figure out what size your block will be.

Pinwheel quilt block size chart
Half-square triangle size based on two at a time method

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Making A Pinwheel Quilt Block

Once you have your half-square triangles made using your preferred method making the pinwheel is easy peasy! If you are directionally challenged like me, follow the method in the video below. It makes it so easy to keep the blades of your pinwheel spinning the correct way.

Pinwheel Variations

There are bunch of variations to the pinwheel quilt block. I really like the double pinwheel quilt block from Generations Quilting.

easy pinwheel quilt block, any size

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