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Welcome to the sewing machine portion of The Quilting Room with Mel. Below you will find everything you ever wanted to know about sewing machines and probably a few things you didn’t. We want you to leave with the confidence to repair or buy the machine of your dreams. We cover all brands of machines including Singer Sewing machine company, Necchi sewing machines, Brother Sewing & Embroidery, and Baby Lock.

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There’s a little bit of everything here. From modern to vintage, repair to reviews, history of some of our favorite companies and more.

Singer is probably the most recognized name in sewing machines as they made millions of machines over the years. Since they are so well known you will find more information on them than other brands. Singer also kept excellent records giving us more information about the models of machines they made. They are still in business today making entry-level machines, though they do have a few higher-end machines available. They also provide digital user manuals for the majority of their machines, even the old ones. Most parts are still available see our resources page for links.

Necchi sewing machines are what powered the original Quilting Room and they still power The Quilting Room today. These Italian-made machines are smooth, powerful, and good-looking. The name Necchi is still being used though it is name only and not connected to the original company. Be sure to check out our Necchi History page.

Keeping your machine in good repair is a must! No matter if you have a new machine or any older one there are maintenance issues you can take care of at home yourself. A well-working machine will keep your frustration down and let you enjoy sewing more.

If it is time for a new machine take some time to read the reviews below. We cover both new and vintage sewing machines so you can find the perfect machine for what you want to sew and your budget.