Necchi Supernova Julia – Demo and Review

The Necchi Supernova Julia is one of those machines I just had to have. I had been reading about them for awhile and couldn’t believe that a machine from the 60s could have all the amenities of a modern sewing machine. Many of the features that I was reading about were things that I swore were fairly new like a built-in needle threader. Well, no one was lying about the Supernova Julia, this machine was well ahead of its time and is loaded with bells and whistles.

necchi supernova julia review and demonstration

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I spotted this machine on Craigslist but it was outside my budget. I set an alert so that if it dropped in price I could grab it. It seemed like forever and I was sure that the price would never drop. So I decided I would just send the seller an email with what I was willing to pay. The seller accepted my offer! I called Paul that morning to tell him we would be heading to pick it up when he got home from work. That afternoon I got another email from the seller that she had another offer and it would be first come first served. I couldn’t even leave to go pick it up until Paul got home and we were over an hour away. By the time we could leave I was almost sick, I figured we’d get there as the other person was backing out of the drive. I could see my Supernova Julia slipping through my fingers. We got there, the machine was still there, and I loaded it as fast as I could. I didn’t want the other buyer to get there and try to steal it from me. On our way home Paul fessed up, he was the other buyer. He didn’t know that I had sent an email offer so when he got to work he sent one because he knew that’s what I really wanted and he hadn’t gotten me anything for Valentine’s Day.

So this is the accessories box that comes with the machine. The Italian made Necchi Supernova Julia takes high shank feet. The one thing to keep in mind is a standard high shank walking foot does not work well with the Julia. You really need an industrial high shank walking foot like the Singer RWA5. They aren’t cheap so only buy one if you really are going to use it. That’s my suggestion for any sewing machine foot no matter their cost or the machine, only buy what you will actually use. You can see something white in my box, that’s tissue paper holding the ruffle foot. In almost 60 years no one has used the ruffle foot.

The Necchi Supernova Julia comes with pre-built cams and cams you can build. It also has an automatic buttonhole foot and cam set. I’m not a garment sewist so I haven’t used them but others who do rave about it. With the ability to build your own cams the decorative stitches are almost endless. I really need to use them more often but I’m such a creature of habbit that I don’t.

I gloss over all of the features of the machine in this video. I’ve done several more videos on the Supernova Julia that go a little bit more into detail. I’ve had requests for more videos so be sure to check the link out as it will always be growing. I don’t know if I could ever cover in depth all of this machine. If you are a Necchi fan be sure to check out all my Necchi sewing machine information.

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necchi supernova julia sewing machine

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