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Trolley Quilt Block

Welcome back to another month of quilt block mania.  This month’s theme is neighborhood.  All I could think of from the moment I read the theme was “won’t you be my neighbor”.  I brainstormed other ideas but I just kept coming back to “won’t you be my neighbor” so I thought about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and what my favorite part was.  My favorite part was always the trolley that took us to the Land of Makebelieve and that’s why this month we are doing a trolley quilt block.

Trolley quilt block

Growing up I had got a TV in my room when I was around 9.  Yes, I was spoiled, I was the only child of later-in-life parents.  We also had cable in the house but not my room.  I wasn’t supposed to watch anything but PBS, so Mr. Rogers is who I got ready with every morning.  Bob Ross would keep me company while I did homework in the afternoons and Elenor Burns, Liz Porter, Maryanne Fonz, and Georgia Bonesteel were my Saturday afternoon company.  It’s no wonder I turned out like I did. lol Mr. Rogers’ made sure that I am always aware of the world around me, Bob Ross made sure that I didn’t focus on mistakes, and Elenor, Liz, Maryanne, and Georgia seeped quilting knowledge into my brain that I don’t even remember learning. 

Techniques Used in Trolley Quilt Block

This is a one-page pattern so if you need in-depth instructions for the techniques used please use the tutorials below.  

Pattern QR Code – the pattern has a QR code on the front cover to bring you right here so you can find the tutorials for the techniques

Snowball corners – you will use the snowball method for the square in a square too

Supplies Needed For Trolley Quilt Block

The Pattern – There is a form below this section to sign-up for our newsletter if you don’t see the form click this link

Fabric – blue for the background, black for the wheels and openings, red for the trolley, and yellow for the top of the trolley (In the pattern I do refer to it as “trolley” to hopefully make it less confusing if you swap colors)

Sewing the Trolley Quilt Block

Remember all measurements are in inches and we use a 1/4″ seam to sew everything.  

The sewing is straight forward just be sure to check the diagrams for the direction of the snowball for the trolley top.  Ask me how I know you need to do that.  I used the snowball method for the square in a square units because using cut triangles for pieces that small gave me a few new gray hairs.  I wasted more fiddling with those tiny triangles than I did using the snowball.  

Quilt Block Mania

Please visit the other designers that are part of QBM this month.  Each pattern is free for the month, April 2023, and each designer uses their own methods for giving the block away.  You are also invited to join the Quilt Block Mania Facebook Group.  You can share the quilt blocks that you make each month.

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