How To Easily Stabilize Your Quilting Rulers

When your ruler slips while you are cutting fabric it can’t ruin your day. Your piece will be off and if your luck is anything like mine you won’t have enough fabric to cut more. Since, I live in the middle of nowhere I sometimes have to use what I can find around the house to solve a problem. That’s exactly where this quilting hack came from. I was tired of making scraps because my ruler kept sliding around. It was time to stabilize my quilting rulers and save my sanity.

keep rulers from sliding

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So, it’s a Sunday afternoon and you’ve messed up enough cuts that you only have enough fabric for one last shot what do you do? I can’t run at to the quilt shop and pick up more fabric until Saturday because both of our shops are closed Sunday and Monday. They both have typical business hours which means they are closed before I can get there.

So in an effort to keep the ruler from sliding again, I started searching around the house for what I could use. My first thought was a piece of sand paper but that won’t stick. I did look pretty hard at a piece of sandpaper in the garage that was like a peel and stick sticker. The only reason I didn’t go with that was I wasn’t sure if it was garage stash or if it was for a project and hard to find. So I started looking in the bathroom. That’s where I found it, A clear so I can see through it, medical tape. It has some texture to it so it will grip but you’ll see all of that in the video.

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keep your quilt rulers from sliding

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