Twisted Log Cabin

Do we really need another log cabin variation? Probably not but I had to see if what was in my head worked or not. IT WORKED! This is different from the curvy log cabin. To quote Emeril Lagasse “I kicked it up a notch”, just taking the idea of the curvy log cabin and making it a little twisted. We’ll eventually do a whole quilt out of this block, in the next week or two, but I wanted you to see this block now. Everything works on the same principal as any other log cabin block so this won’t be hard at all.

So here’s the video. This is the first one my husband has filmed in my studio. It isn’t as spacious as where we normally video and the lighting in the room isn’t as good either. I think he did a fabulous job though. He’s also the first one to sew the twisted log cabin. I had sketched it out but hadn’t actually sewn it. He was looking for a new project and asked if he could make it. I jumped on the chance to have someone test out my pattern before me. That meant if there was a goof he would be the one with the headache not me. But there weren’t any goofs so he had a pretty easy time doing it.

If you would like to see the complete quilt you can find it at The Twisted Log Cabin Quilt. If you like this video be sure to check out my other quilting videos.

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