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Sherbet Pop Quilt Block

It’s time for Quilt Block Mania and this month’s theme is dessert.  There are some great quilt blocks this month and the best part about all of these blocks?  They are calorie-free!  You can make all of them and not gain an ounce. lol Like most months I attempt to use the theme to shed a little light on me as a person and this month I made one of my favorite desserts when I was a kid, sherbet pops!  The sherbet pop quilt block is based on the current packaging, kids get options today not just orange. 

You will notice this year that my finished quilt blocks will look different from my drawings for small projects like Quilt Block Mania.  I’ve been doing some sorting and cleaning and realized that I need to use up some of this fabric.  I don’t have a lot of yardage in the quilting room so for big projects I can still buy new fabric.  The graphics will still be done in fabrics you can go purchase in case you don’t have a huge stash.  

If you are wondering what I am talking about when I say Sherbet Pops you might know them as Push Up pops.  That’s the brand name but since I can’t use the brand name for my quilt block name I settled with a generic sherbet pop thought I based the quilt block on the box that is found at the grocery store.  

These were a favorite of mine and it was always a treat when they were in the freezer.  Grandma always had a quart of ice cream or a box of Drumsticks in the freezer.  Mom of course couldn’t stop grandma from having ice cream most nights, a tradition she would carry on until she passed away, but she could keep me from eating ice cream every night.  I would get a Drumstick from time to time but usually, there was some sort of fruit pop in the freezer for me.  I still like the Outshine bars today but occasionally a box of Push-Ups or Bomb Pops would show up and I couldn’t be happier.

So I thought it would be super simple to pick up a box of these but that proved to be harder than I expected.  I checked both Walmart and Target but they only had store brands and I knew those wouldn’t look like my inspiration.  Paul indulged my craziness by stopping at every store in three counties while we were on our way home the other day.  I finally found them at Dollar General, 5 miles from my house.  I should have started there. lol 

Supplies For Sherbet Pop Quilt Block

You can get by with scraps for this block, the biggest piece you will need is the green background with a 4 1/4″ strip by 18″.   The pattern does call for fat quarters if you need or want to purchase fabric for this quilt block.  All of the fabrics in the graphics come from QT Fabrics Color Blend line.


Background – light green – QT Fabrics Color Blend Celedon

Tubes – dark red/orange – QT Fabrics Color Blend Fiesta Orange 

Cherry Sherbet – dark pink – QT Fabrics Color Blend Azalea

Grape Sherbet – purple – QT Fabrics Color Blend Grape

Orange Sherbet – orange – QT Fabrics Color Blend Carrot

Sticks – gray – QT Fabrics Color Blend Ash


The pattern is free with a subscription to our newsletter.  You can use the form below to sign-up or if you don’t see the form you can get it here.  

Other Needed Supplies

You will of course need a sewing machine, cutting mat, 6 x 12″ ruler, rotary cutter, and thread

Constructing The Sherbet Pop Quilt Block

This quilt block uses straight-forward piecing and it goes together very quickly.  No seams match up so press seams the way that works best for you.  I press toward the largest piece, the sticks for example are pressed toward the background since they are so narrow.

In the pattern, you’ll notice that I say sew background piece blah to the right side of this piece.  Of course, we always sew the right sides together but what I mean is sew it to the right-hand side of the piece.  The illustrations show that but just in case you aren’t a visual learner I wanted you to know what I was trying to convey.  

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