Quick and Easy Way To Unspool Bobbins

One of the downsides to buying old sewing machines is all the old thread that comes with the bobbins. Most of the time the thread is old and brittle and it takes time to unspool all those bobbins. I know some people use it to baste with but I’m more worried about grabbing the wrong bobbin then I am about saving the thread on them. I recently bought about sixty bobbins for our Necchi machines. I was so excited to have all the bobbins, it meant I didn’t have to share the ones I already had. The downside was getting all of that thread off of them. Now I have a quick and easy way to unspool all of the bobbins we buy.

quickly unspool bobbins

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I started by unspooling by hand. I wasn’t looking forward to doing all of them that way. I knew I didn’t have to do them all at once but still, it’s not fun to do it by hand. Paul told me to hang on while he ran out to the garage. This is what he brought back. Some of you have seen the video. If you have skip down below and see how it works.

It’s really simple. It’s a piece of wood that he had out in the garage. He used a sixteen penny nail drove it in, bent it, and then cut the head off. This gave a place to put the bobbin. Then he chucked a piece of dowel rod into his drill. That’s it. The more thread that got on the dowel the faster it went. When I did it I laid the drill down on the table. That way I didn’t have to hold the drill. He picked the heavy drill and I’m not used to holding one. As you can see it doesn’t take long at all to unspool a bobbin.

The bend on the nail is to keep the bobbin from coming off while you are unspooling it. It can make it a little difficult to get the bobbin on but it beats it flying off while you are running the drill.

unspool bobbins quickly

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