Update Cricut Firmware To Make Your Cricut Maker Run Smoothly

I have been using my Cricut Maker a lot! I ran into something though, over Christmas that I hadn’t thought about before, I had never updated the firmware. The firmware is the software that lives on the device, like your printer at home. We have to update Cricut firmware from time to time. It makes your Cricut Maker run better and will save you a lot of frustration. It is really simple to do as well.

Learn how to update the firmware of your cricut maker to get it back in tip top shape.

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This happened just before Christmas and I had been using my Cricut Maker a lot to make gifts for friends and family. The print and cut function wouldn’t work though. I was so thankful that Cricut still had support open so that I could finish up those last-minute gifts. The first thing they asked was “When was the last time you did an update Cricut firmware?” The truth was I had never updated the firmware. They walked me through doing that. It occurred to me that others might not be aware of how to update Cricut firmware either or that it needed to be done. Now I have a reminder set for me to check for updates every month. We want to keep our Cricut Maker working in tip-top shape all of the time!

How To Update Cricut Firmware

The first thing you need to do is open Design Space. It doesn’t matter if you the browser version or the desktop version. On the home screen, you want to click on the three lines in the upper left corner.

click on the three lines to get a drop down menu on the cricut design space home screen

Clicking those lines will bring up a menu. That’s where the update Cricut firmware is! I don’t know if I had every clicked after I set-up my Cricut Maker. Make sure your Cricut Maker is connected to your computer before you do this if you aren’t using Bluetooth to connect and that it is turned on.

click on update firmware to check for updates for your cricut maker firmware

You’ll get a screen where it checks for updates. Once it goes through this step, which can take a few minutes, you’ll either be told that you need to update or that you are up-to-date. If you need to update just follow the on-screen instructions and let it do its thing. It really is that simple to do.

let cricut check for updates to the firmware and follow the on-screen instructions if you need to update

Now if after you update Cricut firmware it doesn’t solve your issues reach out to Cricut Customer Support. They are extremely helpful but are only open Monday through Friday. You can also shoot me an email if they are closed and I will do my best to help you solve your issue.

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Learn how you can update the firmware of your Cricut Maker. It’s a simple and easy process that will keep your cutting machine running smoothly. #cricutmaker #cricuthelp #cricuttips

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