Hand Sanitizer Holder Pattern SVG and PDF

It’s time for another kraft tex tutorial!! This month’s color is Marsala. This month I realized what I needed in my life was something to hold my bottle of hand sanitizer. This hand sanitizer holder pattern is quick, easy, and durable. I’ve done the template in SVG for the Cricut Maker and in PDF for those who don’t have a Maker. It took me under an hour to put this together!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder

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Hand Sanitizer Holder Pattern
I’m not using kraft-tex just because this is an ambassador post but also because it will hold up to the daily wear and tear. My holder is going on my keys so that I always have it easily available. This pattern is designed to fit the Bath and Body Works travel-size hand sanitizer. You can take the top off of those bottles and refill them. A local distillery is making hand sanitizer but it smells like grain alcohol so I fill my travel size bottle with it and then use cosmetic grade oil to make it smell good.

Supplies for Hand Sanitizer Holder
The Pattern – SVG or PDF

Kraft-Tex in Marsala or color of your choice

Fabric Fusion Glue

Key Ring

Painter’s Tape

Sewing Machine

Making Hand Sanitizer Holder
Cut out your pattern. If you are using your Cricut Maker set the machine to Garment Leather (0.8 mm) and follow all of Cricut’s guidelines for cutting leather. If you are using the PDF version of the pattern I suggest using a craft knife to cut the kraft-tex.

hand sanitizer holder template

(Optional Step) Stitch around the outside edge of your holder. I set my stitch length to 4 mm and my needle to the right position. You don’t need a special leather needle to sew with kraft-tex.

hand sanitizer holder with decorative stitching

Slide your key ring on the small tab at the top. Fold tap in half, matching the edge with the edge of the side flaps.

hand sanitizer holder with key ring

Stitch across the small tab to secure it. Use the same stitch length as the decorative stitching.

kraft tex hand sanitizer with key ring stitched

Measure a 1/2″ from the edge of the right side on the back and draw a line.

Put a bead of glue, less than shown.

Wrap the right side around, putting the cut edge even with the line drawn. Use a piece of painter’s tape to hold the edge. Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes.

Remove the tape and apply glue along the top and two sides of the bottom flap.

Fold up matching the cut edge to the cut edge of the sides. Use painter’s tape to hold the edges. Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes.

Remove tape and insert your favorite bottle of sanitizer!

Hand sanitizer holder pattern
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